GrapeStreet Design Group develops imaginative and practical design solutions that are durable, productive, attractive, healthy and environmentally sound. By working in collaboration with architects, engineers, and other design professionals, we assure our clients of a complete and integrated project with a highly personalized level of service and attention to detail.

Your Concerns:

  • Will your interiors be functional and attractive?
  • Will your finished spaces incorporate sustainable, energy efficient design and products?
  • Will workspaces encourage teamwork?
  • Will your working environment help you recruit and retain quality staff?
  • Will the design specifications promote healthful, toxin-free indoor air Quality?
  • Will power, data, and communications locations and capacity meet current and future needs?
  • Can technological issues such as teleconferencing and staff training be readily reslolved?

Focus on Environmentally Sound Design Practices. Studies show that providing spaces for employees, the most valuable asset in most organizations, that incorporate a commitment to healthy indoor air quality, enhanced natural lighting, efficient water conservation practices, and temperature and humidity comfort controls, improves employee retention, productivity and well-being. 'Green' design projects…those that contribute to human well-being and reduce the environmental impact to our planet… also offer economic and social benefits for all of your stakeholders including management, staff and the general public.

Initiating the Client/Designer Relationship

The earlier in a project that design services are retained, the more cost effective the process and project will be.

GrapeStreet Design Group starts with an in-depth conversation with you to help you determine what kind of space you require, your budget parameters, and how you wish to have your space look, feel, and function. The initial meeting establishes the limits and scope of your project and serves to acquaint you with all of our services.

We become part of your team of professionals. We work directly with you and coordinate with your contractor and/or architect in preparing all interior design drawings and specifications. We will personally manage each phase of your project from design through construction coordination, leaving you free to focus on what you do best – running your business!

We would like to meet with you to explore your needs and share examples of successful interiors solutions we’ve been honored to handle for past clients.

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