Our Design Process in Brief

Needs Assessment. Through interviews, questionnaires, and observation of work or service processes of senior management and key staff, GrapeStreet Design Group discovers work flow patterns, communications issues, staff and/or public interface issues, information storage and retrieval systems issues, support needs, technological and security issues, and growth projections – among others things.

LEED Certification. GrapeStreet Design Group can asses your project for its potential to qualify for LEED certification. Working with allied professionals, we can give you a clear picture on whether we can create a project that meets established criteria in the five environmental categories that comprise the LEED Green Building Rating System.*

Schematic Design. We transform the information collected during Needs Assessment into diagrammatic form showing proposed group and functional adjacencies that will enhance work flow, communications, and traffic patterns and address special needs and group support functions. We work closely with you to refine this phase.

Space Planning. Schematic Design leads to “hard-lining” the determined adjacencies into a space plan with walls, doors, and special areas and features identified along with integration of the building life safety and disabled access codes. We work with you to refine these spaces throughout the process until it meets with your approval.

Interior Design Development. Once the Space Plan is set, the “look and feel” of the space is addressed through interior architectural features and details, materials, lighting design, colors, and finishes. The level of finish is determined by your budget as well as value issues like long-term maintenance costs versus product cost. You play an integral role in fine-tuning this phase.

Construction Documents. From the client approved Design Development phase we create detailed interior drawings which clearly describe how the interior space is to be constructed, and written specifications for interior design elements. When structural, mechanical and electrical engineering drawings are required we coordinate our design drawings with licensed consultants who provide their own stamped drawings for construction. All drawings are reviewed with local municipal jurisdictions to ensure that the project meets applicable local and Federal codes. A very important aspect of this phase of our work is detailed drawings of custom designed built-in elements such as reception and security desks, information counters, and other custom millwork.

Construction Coordination. GrapeStreet Design Group acts as your advocate during the construction process by attending construction meetings with the contractor, trades, architect, and other consultants. We review all casework shop drawings and approve all materials and finish submittals from the contractor on your behalf. Our regular site visits ensure that important elements such as electrical/data outlets are correctly located to coordinate with millwork, casework, and furniture, as well as ensure that the construction process is going smoothly.

Furnishings. Once the interior of the space is designed, we provide another important service to you: furniture solutions that meet functional requirements and coordinate with the overall look of your project. We can inventory existing furniture to be renovated and reused in your space, or work with you to provide all new furniture that better responds to new workflow and communications patterns. We research products that meet your functional, budget, and aesthetic needs, coordinate the finishes with the interior design, and provide written specifications to assist you in acquiring competitive bids. Again, we act as your advocate by reviewing vendor bids, coordinating special materials applications, and being on site during installation.

We also design custom furniture for any special requirements that cannot be met by standard furniture offerings and coordinate construction with the manufacturer.

Other Services. GrapeStreet Design Group is also experienced with consulting on interior signage, plantscaping, and artwork. We can provide accessories such as lamps, desk furnishings, framing services, and art installation.

* If a project is designed to meet LEED Certification for Commercial Interiors , the design process will very slightly to specifically comply with LEED standards.